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Quicksignatures.com is an initiative of Transource Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, dedicated to accurately solving all of your Digital Signature needs on time and in your budget.

Quicksignatures.com was founded with an ambition of bringing authorized and revolutionary digital signature solutions in a trustworthy and professional manner. Main emphasis is given on reasonable pricing, ethical sale and strong after sale service.

We are the best Digital Signature Certificate providers in India, and we are providing our services at a low reasonable price.

QuickSignatures.com aims to provide the finest service in this field and distribute high-quality best suited product in order to fulfill our client’s requirements. Just like physical signatures, a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) will establish the digital identity of the sender who is transferring documents through the Internet.

Transource Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, earlier known as Pronet Management Services, has an expertise of more than 12 years in the field of Business Support Services that extends from Manpower & Outsourcing, Payroll Management, Accounting Services to IT & Technical Support Services. The organization established itself as a preferred choice in B2B market through its ethical and dependable business image.  

We know that our achievement will be fulfilled once our clients are completely satisfied with our services. We facilitate an innovative, a dynamic, a user-friendly and easily accessable digital signature service that is free of overprice and miss-selling taking advantage of knowledge.. Here at, Quicksignatures.com, we use advanced technologies to provide networking solutions for all the queries related to Digital Signature.

Our customer satisfaction rate is very high, because we believe in earning clients and not buying them using unworthy and aggressive methods. We consider the unpopularity of Digital Signatures in the Business sector as an opportunity for us to grow and show the importance of this innovative solution to everyone. Quicksignatures.com aims to simplify the procedure of obtaining a Digital signature online. Our eternal mission is to enhance the use of Digital Signature Certificates in the newly digitalized India.

We are proud to deliver the best online signature service which is in a convenient process for users, having a very satisfactory result. Our team members invest their talent and enthusiasm in the company so that we can bring the perfect solution for all of your digital signature requirements. We employ interactive and fresh talent in order to give our client’s the best service imaginable. Our passion is to provide you with a great experience of our Digital Signature Certificate service.

Our online signature is an encrypted digital key that is issued by a Certifying Authority (CA) and helps to verify the identity of the user. This information typically entails the holder’s name, country, email, their APNIC account name and public key. The top-notch certificates that we provide is valid for 2 to 3 years, post which you need to apply for a renewal of our services.


Why is Digital Signature Certificate needed?

In order to guarantee absolute privacy of your online transactions and information, Digital Signature Certificate is used. This innovative service confirms your electronic identity and ensures a high-level of security for your encrypted data in order to prevent leaks. You can make sure that only the intended recipient gets your message, by digitally signing your data and stamping your individuality in electronic presence.

Digital Signature Certificate Offered By us:

  • Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (Class 3 DSC):

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is issued to individuals and organizations. This type of certificate is Used for filing electronic documents and electronic submissions of tenders and auctions, e-bidding, e-auctioning, Patents Filing , logos Filing and for Registrar of corporations E-filing, VAT return e-filing, TDS return E-filing, Income tax E-filing, sign a word or PDF and more. Class 3 DSC can also be issued to individuals based on their physical and personal appearance by the Certifying Authorities. This certificate is only relevant in situations where there is a high threat to data or there is a high failure rate of security services. Our class 3 certificate is the safest certificate because it is used for highly confidential information and data transfer. For example, Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate can be used when there is a huge online money transaction and when there is high chance of fraud risk.

  • DGFT Digital Signature Certificate (DGFT DSC):

DGFT Digital Signature Certificate is a special type of certificate that is only required by EXIM Organizations who have an Import Export Code (IEC) in India. This can only be issued to Organizations with an exclusive Signing Certificate. IEC Code is a mandatory requirement to obtain DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. Our DGFT DSC is user friendly and can help you save up to 50% of License fee. It is safe and reliable and helps you save time. This certificate can also be issued to the authorized personnel on the behalf of the organization they represent.

Buy Class 3 or DGFT Digital Signature Certificates

Various Usage of Digital Signature Certificates

A Digital Signature Certificate is essential for organizations and businesses that have E-tendering processes on various Government sites. It allows a convenient and transparent E-tendering procedure by guaranteeing a greater security during online transactions. DSC has a legal status as it is authorized under the Information technology Act, making it mandatory for all kinds or E-procurement processes.

A Digital Signature Certificate is required by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs or the Registrar of Companies in order to facilitate a much transparent and smooth transaction. It is less time consuming and helps in guarding data. If any organization surpasses a revenue of Rs. 60 Lakhs, a DSC is mandatory by Law.

Digital Signature Certificate will help you file your Tax Returns by making it easier and more secure. As per section 44AB of the Income Tax Act a revised provision was made, stating that e-filling is mandatory for all professionals having a yearly receipt of Rs. 25 Lakh and organizations that house an annual turnover of Rs. 1 crore and above.

By using Digital Signature Certificates, businesses can now easily allow their employees to sign and file tax returns on behalf of the company and also help them make online payments. Anyone who is registered in the Authorized person Tab of the GST Common Portal for any enterprise can sign and file GSTR using DSC. This is compulsory for LLPs and other tax payers because they have to sign and file returns in the GST Common Portal.

Digital signature certificates can make the labour of the owner more convenient, cost-efficient and comfortable, while handling the employees’ PF transfer claim forms. The authorized employees can now digitally sign using DSC and submit their forms online, in Employer Online Transfer Claim Portal (EPFO). The employer is able to easily request applications and verify the member details by accepting and submitting the requests through this online portal.

EXIM or Export and Import organizations should get their electronical licenses on the DGFT website, because it guarantees the authenticity of any document. It is mandatory to use Digital Signature Certificate for all electronic documents and for transactions related to any foreign trade on the DGFT website. It also allows the EXIM organization to get a 50% decrease for the fee on license procurement. Due to Digital Signature Certificate, they can also prevent identity thefts while filing bills.

A Digital Signature Certificate will help verify the identity and the address of your customer while carrying forward an electronical KYC or Know Your Customer through Aadhaar Offline XML. An Aadhaar EKYC will help in providing you with minimal hassle and suspensions while the attestation of verification processes, where a guarantee of a faster procedure will be given when you issue a Digital Signature Certificate. In order to perform this Aadhaar eKYC, the owner should have their Aadhaar and number linked to it.

In order to have a smooth and secure process of IRCTC e-ticket booking, the concept of Digital Signature Certificate can be issued by authorized agents. With the verification of the digital certificate, the user will be able to book numerous tickets, without any limitations. The authorized agent is required to hold a mandatory Class 3 digital signature certificate.

The Information Technology Act of 2000 made the use of DSCs mandatory when there is a need for electronical document submission in order to guarantee the security and the authority of the filed document. An Intellectual Property Right or IPR protects you for your intellectual assets which is acquiescent with the public policy objective of India. The Controller General of Patents has arranged a Class 3 DSC for the e-filing of trademarks and patents in the country. A digital signature certificate can guarantee the highest level of security.

Every type of Airline, Shipping agent, trade partner and Government agencies need to connect to the Indian Customs EDI gateway or ICEGATE in order to file documents and facilitate data sharing for administrative and policy making purposes. The DSC gives access to a Remote EDI service or RES to industries and trade agencies for the exchange of data, e-payment etc. Digital signature Certificates are used by these organizations in order to credit the identity of the users for security purposes.

In order for safe and secure transactions within the Indian subcontinent, citizens or organizations from another country and Indian nationals living in abroad, a digital signature is required. All the attested form of important documents like address proof and identity proof is compulsory while filing for a DSC.

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